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Welcome to Geriatric Health and Wellness, LTD

Geriatric Health & Wellness, Ltd consists of a growing team that includes a geriatric-trained physician, RN and nurse practitioner. We pride ourselves in ongoing continuing medical education, participation in research, educating others and evaluating opportunities to enhance our care through technology, innovation and quality improvement programs.

Our Medical Team

Victor Hirth, MD

Dr. Hirth grew up in the Seattle, Washington…

Natalie Hinkle, RN, Director

Natalie Hinkle is a registered nurse with over…

Elizabeth W. Edwards, MD

Elizabeth W. Edwards, MD, received her medical degree…

Programs and Projects


Health and Fall Monitoring

Fall detection and ambient health monitoring, has been a project of the Geriatric Health & Wellness, Ltd founder for over a decade. Funded by a number of agencies including an NIH STTR and NIH R-01 (October, 2019) this project, using small inconspicuous sensors mounted to the floor of apartments, homes or other dwellings, can detect human falls without any on-body sensors or monitors and will be utilized to monitor health status of older adults in their homes.

In collaboration with ASSET, LLC ( http://asset-us.com) the USC Department of Civil Engineering and Arnold School of Public Health, Department of Exercise Science, a team of investigators are developing a robust system, of home environmental monitoring of persons health in the home, measuring gait speed as well as detecting falls in real-time.

In collaboration with ASSET LLC ( http://asset-us.com) and the USC Department of Civil Engineering a team of investigators is developing a robust system to monitor persons health in the home as well as detect falls in real-time.

Reminiscence therapy for patients with Alzheimer’s disease

Reminiscence therapy for patients with Alzheimer’s disease as well as older adults has been studied for over 50 years. Our team is part of ground breaking innovation in the field of reminiscence, shaping online software which lets families, caregivers and loved ones upload personal pictures, videos, and other digital data, or browse clips of popular culture spanning decades. Ultimately this helps memories resurface, sparks conversations, and assists in calming older adults with an easy to access platform that presents pictures, music and memories from their life experience.

This award-winning platform, developed in collaboration with a physician in psychiatry and the founder of Geriatric Health and Wellness, Ltd is currently in Beta-testing prior to roll-out and commercialization. This patent pending technology is held by Cognova and is being tested with a number of community support programs in South Carolina. https://www.explorecognova.com/