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Independent Geriatric Practice

An independent geriatric practice based at Still Hopes in the Greenway building. This practice will see residents in the medical office or in their homes on campus. An experienced geriatric-specialized RN and fellowship-trained geriatric physician will provide on-site care weekdays Monday to Friday with full on-call coverage for emergencies or questions via telephone on weekends, holidays and evenings.

The scope of this practice will be for primary care, complex chronic disease management as well as health optimization using sound diet, nutrition and physical activity principles.

Skilled Nursing Practice

GH&W will provide skilled long-term care and rehabilitation unit medical services, at various facilities and communities for residents in both long-term care and skilled rehab. Comprehensive management of complex medical conditions, functional and cognitive impairment will be provided to residents based on patient and family preferences to optimize care for those persons.

Assisted Living Services

GH&W will provide on-site Assisted-Living health care services for residents in Assisted-Living Facilities. The primary goal for these and other residents is maintaining maximum function while optimizing care of their chronic conditions.


Development of retirement community primary care practices, optimizing long-term care and rehabilitation service lines and general geriatrics consultation. Clinical program development as well as financial projections and forecasting.